Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Some Inspiration

Nature always provides amazing inspiration. Sitting by the water surrounded by trees gets the creative juices flowing. Seeing images of waterfalls, landscapes and animals is awe inspiring. I like going to the park and relaxing by the water. Sometimes, I read or write. Other times, I stare at the scene and take pictures. Since it's warm out and it doesn't get dark til 9, I've gotten into the habit of going to park nearly every evening. I always take my camera with me. Here are some pics for your inspiration.

I had pointed my camera at an animal hole. As soon as I did, this guy popped out.

I've been practicing getting pics of birds in flight. I've got the hang of it now. Takes a lot of patience. Still trying to figure out how to take it so the wings aren't blurry. 

Yeah, this is my view. See what I mean by inspiring. The first picture is my favorite place to write. 

Around 7:30, the bandits come out.

Sometimes, I can't believe this is New York. Cities are like people. You can't judge them based on some stereotype. They have many different aspects to them.

A swan family lives in the park. Seeing the kids reminds me of The Ugly Duckling. It's amazing how those little ones turn into beautiful swans. They look kinda mangy. I didn't know swans hissed until someone got to close to the babies. One of the most vicious sounds I've ever heard.

When taking pictures of animals, I usually do continuous shooting. Don't want to miss anything. I decided to turn a series of them into a gif.

I threw this one in just for fun.

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