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Writing a Haunted House Story

I was watching a horror movie when a banging noise made me jump. It came from inside my apartment. I live in an old building. The heater makes noise when it turns on. Only it was summer, the heater doesn't come on.

There's a house in my neighborhood. Years ago, whenever I passed it, I'd hear this squawking sound like the owner had a bird on the top floor. Recently, I discovered the house was empty. Had been for awhile. What was making the squawking sound?

I've had mice problems in my apartment. When you put out poison, the mice tend to die in hidden places. You know where they are by the rotting odor. When I started to smell something rotting in my kitchen, I knew a mouse died somewhere. I worked myself up to search for it. One day, I left my apartment to take my dog for a walk. That rotting smell slammed into me, 100 times worse. It came from an apartment 2 doors down from mine. My first thought was it smelled like a dead body. Unfortunately, I was right. They were wh…

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